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If you’re a Failing Forward listener and fan, you know this podcast's goal is to inspire people to see failure as an opportunity—a gift, even. We do this by showcasing remarkable Cincinnatians who have overcome failures that later launched them into success.

Failing Forward is and always will be free to listen to, but there are costs associated with producing and marketing the show. Lots of folks have been very generous to volunteer their time and talents, but we've got big plans for the future. Those plans require money. Please consider supporting us on
Patreon, a donation platform for creators like us, so that we can be around for the long term.


Your monthly donation unlocks early access to all our episodes and additional Failing Forward content including: ​

  • The Face Your Fears toolkit

  • Coaching and advice from host Sarah Brown

  • Behind-the-scenes access

We love all our listeners, but we also want to create a community that picks one another up when we’ve fallen and celebrates what happens when we’re bold enough to embrace failure. Your donation would help us do just that.

Thank you for considering! 
Sarah Brown and the Failing Forward team

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