On air since January 2018, Failing Forward aims to inspire Cincinnatians to see failure as an opportunity—a gift, even. We want to create a community that picks one another up when we've fallen and celebrates what happens when we're bold enough to embrace failure. By sharing stories from Cincinnati entreprenuers, community leaders and experts, the podcast provides motivational stories to encourage people to unblock their fears, move into action and become their authentic selves.

The show was rated No. 20 in Apple Podcasts' business category upon release. Episodes are released every other Thursday and available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and SoundCloud.

Hi, I'm Sarah Brown, podcaster, expert question asker (my husband says I ask too many :), pretty good speaker, facilitator and most of all, avid learner.

I've hit a few bumps in the road—a failed business and sobriety—and they ARE the greatest gifts of my life. That's why I love hearing stories about the underdog, the little engine that could, the person who pulled themselves up from their bootstraps.

All of my guests, no matter how much money or fame, share one thing: overcoming failure. They have figured out how to be the hero of their own story. Their stories give me hope, and my wish is that they do the same for you.


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